ISV Admin

The menu options will be displayed according to type of the admin user. There are follwing three types of admins:

Member Admin

Member admin users can create, update, and delete ISV members using the 'Edit Members' page.

The 'Create Member' button leads to the membership form. The form can be filled on behalf of some member. On submission of the form an email is sent to the newly created member.

The edit button for each member can be used to update the data. A member can be deleted using the delete button against the member. A member once deleted cannot be recovered.

The edit-boxes below the field names can be used to put search text, e.g. putting 'ab' in the box under Mitglied ID will shortlist the member to those that have 'ab' in their registration ID.

Account Admin

The 'Member Payments' page can be used by account admins to enter data of member payments.

For each new month, a list of all members that have given above 0 amount in the intended payment is created for the month. The list shows records for the current month and year. The current month and year can be seen in the edit-boxes under column headers 'Month' and 'Year' respectively. In order to see the list for another months and/or year simply provide the number required month and year.

All record for a particular member can be listed by providing the required member ID in the edit-box under the heading 'Mitglieder ID'.

Super User

Super user can perform functions of both 'Member Admin' and 'Account Admin'.

Additionally, the super user can create, update, and delete member admin and account admin users. A new admin user can be created using the 'Create New Admin' button in 'Edit Admins' page. After creating a new admin, use the edit button for the admin user to assign rights as member admin and/or account admin by putting a 1 (rights given) or 0 (rights removed) in respective field.

User names and password for admins are to be created by the super user. Password for admin users cannot be changed. In case of need the admin user can be deleted by the super user and new user may be created with the same name and another password.

By default there are two super users isv_su and isv_it. The super users can change their own password. In case a super user forgets the password then the only solution is that the other super user deletes the user and creates another one.

Warning: Be careful in deleting super users and removing super user rights. If all super users are removed then there is no way to create any type of user again.